Humble Beginnings (continued)

Our challenge continues to be that of producing high quality products and finding a way to make it profitable in spite of a continual rise in production cost. Efficiencies like purchasing a potting machine can help. Potting 50,000 to 70,000 plants by hand takes many hands and many hours to accomplish. The potting machine can do 3,000 pots an hour with four workers. Drip irrigation (watering plants automatically) also helps a lot. Sunshine used to water all plants by hand which is extremely time consuming and costly. Drip irrigation and the use of flood benches have made a big difference in the quality of the plant material and the conservation of water.

It takes team effort. Like most successful businesses, there is usually a core of employees that create the foundation for an owner to build upon. Sunshine Growers has such employees. We are proud of each and every member of our team. Each one is key to our success.

That's the way it goes for today's professional grower. A constant challenge. A time honored profession of growing and producing plants for others enjoyment, blended with marketing challenges, scientific breakthroughs in the area of growth control and insect control, environmental issues, weather factors, and water restrictions. And still, the one factor neither hard work, creative thinking, or scientific discovery can control is Mother Nature's whims. Craig Roth and the rest of the staff at Sunshine Growers have done a great job with what they can control and to a great extent with what they cannot.

Today Sunshine Growers Inc. has grown to over seventy employees and three locations. The diversity of product has expanded to approximately forty-five items, from Asiatic lilies to Zebra plants. God has been very gracious with good weather and we know we have had HIS help. Our goal is to produce the highest quality plants possible at a reasonable cost for the profitability of our customers and the enjoyment of their customers.

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